Choti Sardarni 12th October 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni  12th October 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 12th October 2020 Written Update

Meher doesn’t hug Manav. He asks her if she is not happy seeing him. She says she’s very happy. She cannot express her happiness. She went through a lot thinking about what Kulwant did with him. She even stopped talking with her. She can finally breathe now after knowing he’s alive. He always wanted parents love. Today he has parents, a good job. He asks her why she’s being so formal with him. He’s her Manav. He thought she would go crazy seeing him. She would scream and tell everyone that her Manav is back. He came back from death because of their love. He wants them to live together. He tries to go closer to her, but she asks him to talk from distance. He laughs thinking she’s joking. He goes to hug her. She says she’s wife of Sarab. He stands shocked. He again thinks she’s joking. He recalls their past story that she used to joke with him. He asks her not to joke now. Since he got his memory back. He has been thinking about her only. He cannot see his face in mirror. He didn’t eat anything. He’s just searching for her. He stole his dupatta and been talking to it. He’s dying for her love. That’s why he came to Serbia from India and she’s joking. She says she is not joking. It’s not that she doesn’t understand his feelings, emotions. She understands everything because she went through the same after he left. She even tried to commit suicide, but… He says, but what? She asks him to sit, she will explain everything. He says what’s there to explain. He loves her, she loves him. She says love that he’s talking about was just their bachpana/childishness. He cannot believe what she said. He then sees Gobi Paratha and again misunderstands that she has been eating Gobi Paratha even today in his memories. He starts eating them.

She asks why he is not understanding. He tells her to let him eat, he hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. He asks her to pack. They will go to place where it’s only them two. He cannot live away from her any more. They can go to Manali, her favorite place. He coughs as food gets stuck. Meher gives him water. He laughs and says he was just acting. She came right away and says she doesn’t love him. She cannot live without him. He holds her hand. She asks him to release her hand and leave from there. He asks who she is scared of? That Sarab? She says he’s God for her. He says fine, but he’s not right for her. Even she knows that she is not happy with that marriage. He died and she was helpless, so she married Sarab. He understands Sarab is a nice guy. They can say thank you to him. He can even beg him for her. She asks they will say thank you to person who accepted her, loved her, gave her a new life? She asks him to leave for God sake. He asks her to trust him. He’s not old Manav. He will fight with everyone for her. She doesn’t need to worry about Sarab. He will talk with him. He will beg and say that Meher is his. He cannot live without her. She says he’s still in past, but she has moved on. He says no matter how much she moves on, he will keep coming behind her. His first and last love is her only. How he will live without her? She says and Sarab is her love, her life. Her world, happiness, everything is only Sarab. He asks he is nothing for her? Their promises were all lie? She says no. He asks then why suddenly she’s saying Sarab is a God for her. She says because he gave her a new life. If he was not there, then she wouldn’t have been there today. He cries and begs her not to say like that. He loves her a lot. He will die without her. She says some things are not in their hands. This is their destiny and they should accept it for their own good. He refuses saying no one can come in between them, not even God. She is only his. She says she cannot be his.

Martha listens a recording by Sarab. He says Meher was helpless otherwise she would not have attacked her husband. When it comes to him and their children, Meher loses her temper easily. Martha can understand as she’s also very concerned and protective about her family. He requests her not to separate a mother from her children.

Lawyer tells Sarab that if Martha doesn’t forgive Meher, then jail time is almost guaranteed for her. Angel comes and offers jalebi (sweets) to Sarab. She says sorry to him for behaving rudely with him and Meher. She further says she wasn’t like that before. But after she got handicapped, she got frustrated. Without him and Meher, she would still be on wheelchair. He tells her to thank God. God is always with kids. She says thank God. She wants to thank Meher too. He says she has not come. He asks about Martha. Martha comes there.

Meher tells Manav that his life is good. He has such a nice wife. With time, everything will be okay. He says nothing will be alright. He cannot and does not want to forget anything. She’s his life. She says she is Sarab’s life and he is her life. He says then he will take away his life. She slaps him.

Episode ends.

Precap: Manav asks Meher what Sarab will feel when he finds out there is a relationship between his wife and his brother in law. Will Aditi be able to tolerate all this? Did she think about Harleen? Their family will fall apart. Everything will be over. She makes him sit and requests him to go back. Doorbell rings. Sarab asks Meher to open the door.

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