Choti Sardarni 14th September 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 14th September 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 14th September 2020 Written Update

Scene 1
Seema says you’re getting married. That’s the reason. There are a lot of preps left. Surya calls Vikram’s boss and says transfer him from that case, please. He says why? He’s my finest officer. Surya says he’s getting married and he is stuck in that case. Aditi looks at her mom’s photo and says you were right. No one can take what’s in fate. And dad, Sarab is my real veer. He is gold.

Sarab welcomes everyone. Vikram comes with his family. Kulwant says to Vikram, we found a photo of Manav. He looks exactly like you. Please arrest him. Meher and Harleen bring Aditi downstairs. Vikram holds Aditi’s hand and says you look beautiful. They sit together. Harleen says we donate food to poor people, gifts that are touched by the bride. Harleen says touch the gifts in front of mummy ji and dad’s photo. Aditi looks at Daar’s pictures and recalls him insulting her mother. Aditi picks the gifts and recalls her tears. She gets an asthma attack. Vikram runs to her. Sarab says Aditi are you okay? Meher says where is the pump? Param says it’s in her suitcase. He goes to bring it. Param runs with the bag. The photo falls from it.

Meher picks the photo. It has Guddi written on it and Aditi’s picture with Sarab’s dad. Meher says so Guddi is here? Between us? Meher asks servants where did that photo come from? He says I don’t know. Harleen gives Meher water. Meher says to Harleen and Sarab I want to talk. Meher tells them about the photo. Harleen is shocked. Sarab says this photo was in our locker. Meher says no it’s the other copy. I found it in the hall. I feel like Guddi is in this house. Pandit ji says the time is running out. Sarab and Meher ask the guests if it’s their childhood photos. Meher says I know if Guddi is here, she will complete daddy ji’s poem.

Sarab says sorry for the delay. But we have to find someone who’s here. Harleen says someone close to us but still far. This poem is for her. Sarab and Harleen sing the poem. Vikram looks at Aditi. Everyone looks confused. Vikram says Aditi, get up and tell them you’re Guddi. Look at how Sarab and Harleen want to meet Guddi. Complete this poem. Why are you doing this? This is your house. This is your family. You cried for this every night. This is the right time. Don’t waste it and tell them you’re Guddi. Sarab and Harleen sing the poem. Aditi cries. She looks at the photo. Pandit ji says only 10 minutes are left. Sarab says it’s okay. Let’s get the engagement done. Lights go off. Aditi sings the poem. She completes it. Harleen and Sarab are in tears. Meher says who is she? They turn on the lights. Aditi sings don’t fear, don’t bow down, keep moving forward. Her back is against everyone. Harleen are and Sarab for her to turn back.

Aditi turns back. Everyone is shocked. Vikram stands with Aditi and smiles. Meher is in tears. Aditi runs to Harleen and Sarab. They hug her. Everyone smiles. Harleen hugs Aditi. Meher hugs Aditi as well.

Precap-Aditi is very happy. She’s getting married. Vikram is mad. Vikram and Aditi are getting engaged. Vikram puts his hand back while Aditi is about to make him wear the ring. He says you played a very well crafted game Sarab. You got me married to Aditi and removed me fro your case. Sarab says what are you saying? Vikram says why did you remove me from your case? Meher says stay in your limits.

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