Choti Sardarni 1st October 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 1st October 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 1st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 1st October 2020 Written Update

Scene 1
Meher and Sarab clean the garden. Sarab tries to help her. Meher says I will do it. Sarab says we will do it together.

Kulwant asks Seema so many medicine? She says I am a heart patient. Kulwant says I thought we will all go for pagpheray. Your family is completed. Kulwant says do you have more children? She says God gave me three kids before Vicky but they all died at birth. Then a guru told me if mother doesn’t see the child for 25 years he would live long. Kulwant says what? You didn’t see Vikram for 25 years? She says yes last year in rains I saw him for the first time. Kulwant recalls she killed Manav that time.

Sarab sneezes. Martha says who’s sneezing. Meher says he has dust allergy. Martha says yeah as if he lives in a castle.

Kulwant says I get everything. She never saw her. This means her son never came from America. She got Manav as Vikram and Surya was not begging him. Manav won’t tell this truth to anyone.
Meher says sorry madam ji. Meher says we have no time left. How will we impress her? Sarab says we have to keep working. Meher says I haven’t spoken from Sarab in so many days.

Scene 2
Param cries for Meher. The woman says he’s Sarabjeet Gill’s son. We will get so much money for him. She says Param get up. Param cries. The woman says tell us your phone’s password. We will call your mama. Param says if I tell you the password would you leave me? She calls Meher but her phone is with Martha. Yuvi says Param isn’t picking the call. Param was alone. Amrita says why was Param alone? Yuvi says he must be alone without Meher and Sarab.

Martha says you have 10 minutes only for lunch. Martha gives them phone for 10 minutes. Sarab eats the food. Meher recalls how he used to eat at such a big table. Meher says he has to suffer so much because of me.

Harleen tells Vikram the entire case. Vikram says don’t worry. Nothing would happen to Meher. Aditi says God save her please. Kulwant comes and asks Manav how are you Vikram ji? He recalls Surya begging not to tell anyone that he’s Manav. Kulwant says I was so happy for your wedding. You two are made for each other. Manav recalls how she attacked him. He breaks the glass in his hands. Aditi says Vicky.. Seema is worried. Manav says I am fine. Kulwant says it’s okay he has seen worse bruises. Vikram recalls being stabbed by her.

Meher says to Sarab you have suffer so much because of me. He says we are together in everything. They both eat together. The kidnapper gives food to Param. He says I don’t eat it. I eat pizza. They laugh and say eat it when your dad sends the money.

Precap will be updated later.

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