Choti Sardarni 25th September 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 25th September 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 25th September 2020 Written Update

Scene 1
Meher leaves for the airport. She is in the car. She recalls what Param said that she will be back in 3 days. Vikram follows her in his car. He shouts Meher’s name. Meher looks at Param and Karan’s photo. Sarab is waiting at the airport. He looks at Param and Karan’s photo and says so sorry we have to go. But I promise you I will bring my Meher back. We have a lifetime to spend together.

Manav says why didn’t you wait for me Meher? Why did you marry Sarab? I have many questions that I want answers to. Why? I know you must have cried for me. Sarab says I won’t let anything happen to Meher. No one does this for anyone. She has done so much for us. I hope I am able to save Meher.

Kulawnt, Bitu and Rana are on their way to Meher’s place. Bitu says why are we going there? Kulawnt says I am sure Manav will go to her place. Rana says MEher is in that car. He sees another ar coming.

They see Manav in it. Manav keeps pressing the horn. Meher’s driver stops the car. Her car broke. The driver says let me check. Manav also stops the car. He says the whole universe wants us to be together. I am back for you. He stops his car near Meher’s. Manav says look at me once Meher. Meher says to the driver we are getting late. He says 10 minutes. Manav comes out of the car. He walks towards Meher and recalls their moments together. Manav says what will I say? How will I start? He can’t walk. Meher sits in her car and leaves. Manav runs after her car. He cries and runs after the car. Manav cries and says Meher I am Manav.

Kulwant’s car stops there. Kulwant says today you will die from my hands.

Scene 2
Roobbie looks at Harleen asleep on the couch. Karan is crying. He wakes Harleen up. Harleen says thank God you came. He says you are his bua. He’s crying. Let’s see him. Halreen says he’s hungry. They give him milk. Robbie says he has high fever. Harleen checks. She says what will we do now? Call a doctor. I will bring cold water strips. Robbie calls the doctor.
The manager calls Harleen and asks if Meher’s flight is delayed. He says if she is late to the hearing, she can be jailed for 10 years. Harleen says what? Robbia says relax. We have to think about Karan first.

Scene 3
MAnav runs on the road. Kulwant walks after him. She is about to attack him. Surya hits her with his car. He says stop. How dare you harm my son. They lock Bitu Rana and Kulwant in the car. Surya calls the police. He says Vicky take off their masks and see who they are. He says My name is not Vikram. My name is Manav. Surya says I know. I know you aren’t my son. You’re Manav Sharma.

Meher says Param has become so mature. He has become so mature. SArab says you are to be credited for it. He was so shy sometime ago. Meher says what will he do? Who will handle Karan? Sarab says let’s video call Harleen. Meher says no signals. They are ready to board.

The doctor checks Karan and says check his fever and give him this medicine every 2 hours. Harleen says I am really worried. What if his condition worsens? Robbie says I have an idea.

Kulwant says why is he touching Manav’s feet? There’s something big. Rana and Bitu try to break the door. They try to run out but police come. Manav says to arrest them. Inspector says what have they done? Manav looks at them and recalls everything. He says murder. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says whose murder? Manav looks a Kulwant.
Precap-Meher video calls Aditi. Meher asks how are you? How is Vikram? Manav takes the phone and says Meher how are you? Meher, Sarab and Aditi are dazed.

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