Choti Sardarni 26th March 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update. Choti Sardarni 26th March 2020 Written Update and video episode video check our website.

Choti Sardarni 26th March 2020 Written Update

Scene 1

Meher’s heartbeat went straight. Sir is amazing She gets a heartbeat again. Sarab kissed his hand and said thank God, the seal is fine. Meher says there was not a time of sarb when I didn’t even want to live. Sarab says that Perm chose you before me. Then I learned that Perm deserves a mother like you. They remember their marriage.

Meher says I thought you would always understand me. Sarab remembered when Meher told her about the pregnancy. Sarab told Meher to stay in his house. She lived there and no one was in her room.

Meher says that you have given me honor and life. Meher recalled how the sarb had a pot for her at the event. Meher says you always cared for my baby. I am the Lord’s song to sing.

Meher says that when you gave my child your name, you increased my respect in my heart. Meher remembered when he came to the hospital and Sarab gave her the name of the baby’s father.

I will always be there for my little one,” said Sarab. I will always be there for him. We have an equal right to it. We have to survive for our children.

Meher remembered when he stopped Perm’s grandparents from keeping him away from the head. Seal God made our relationship bigger than blood. Meher remembers when he gave his liver to Perm.

Sarab says that I made you my God that day. Meher says that you and Perm had filled my life with colors that no one else could. She remembers having fun with them.

Meher remembered when he had to go to the clown’s place. Meher says I have never loved anyone in the way I love my mother. Perm is my everything and I can do anything for it.

Sarab recalled that he would not endanger Meher’s life to save Perm’s life. Meher remembered when Perham was trapped in school. Meher came into the room to save the seal. Perm said I knew my super mom would come.

Meher says my favorite place is where you and Perm are. There is nothing happier than you and Perm being with me. I’m lucky to have a partner like you. Honest, caring and one that has always been there for me.

Meher recalled how Sarab jumped into the fire to get the picture of Meher’s father. Mahar says there is no other like you. I am no longer a compliment.I do not know that I will survive, but when I am with you and Perm, nothing can be more pleasant. I do not regret to die.

Meher says that there is only one wish. Sarab says Meher please open his eyes. I will not let anything happen to you. I want to spend a few moments with my whole family.

You, Perm, and this unborn child. The doctor says you have to make a decision right now. Who do you want to save? Mom or baby?

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