Choti Sardarni 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Harleen says Lalita handle the baby. Sarab calls Aditi. He says Meher fainted. Aditi says did she go out? Sarab says yes but she didn’t eat anything from the outside. Aditi says how can you send her outside? Shes says give phone to Lalita. Aditi says it all happened because of your irresponsible behavior. Lalita says everyone is listening. Aditi asks Lalita go give her an injection. Lalita gives it. Meher starts moving. Sarab says Meher is moving. You’re a God to us. Param cries and says Meher mama.. you’re conscious. Sarab holds her hand and recalls his moments with her.

Scene 2
Jeeto says she ate all the sweets. Amrita says she isn’t even scared of you. Yuvi is being spoiled because of her. Jeeto says someone is knocking. Kulwant says I can hear. She says why are all the items in this house but I will handle them. Jeeto says mummy ji.. There’s police with Bitu. Inspector says Bitu hit him. Now the boy’s family is asking for 25k. If you do anything like this. Only slap but don’t let the person bleed. There can be no case on slaps. Ginni says all good He says yes. Kulwant says hmm slaps mean no case.

Sarab says open your mouth. Eat it. Sarab says please eat it. Why did you have to out. Meher says I went to Param. Param comes and says don’t scold mama. Sarab says it all happened because of you. Param starts crying. Harleen says what happened? Param says he scolded me. Harleen takes him. She says everyone keeps scolding my Param since this baby came. Robbie says to Harleen I stole Lalita’s phone. Harleen says we have a standard. Return it before this is called a theft.

Kulwant says we all miss Jagga. Amrita says he is stuck there in lockdown. Amrita says Yuvi let’s eat. Yuvi says you don’t love me. He says dadi ask papa to get me new mummy from Lucnkow. Kulwant says what do you want in mummy? He says the one who makes things I like. He says Meher bus got samosas for Parma. If you don’t make samosa for me forget that you ever had a son.

Meher calls Aditi and says thank you. Aditi says you’re welcome. Meher says we are doing namkaran tomorrow. We would like to have you here. Aditi says I can’t come to that house. Meher says what? Aditi says I mean I have appointments tomorrow. Sarab comes there. Meher says I felt you already. He says so you can smell me now? Sarab says there’s a surprise for you. He closes her eyes and takes her inside. There’s a beautiful cot. Meher says wow. Param is hidden in it. He says I knew papa you will get me a gift. Thank you for this gift. Sarab says this is for the baby. Not you. Param says no this is mine. Sarab and Meher are confused. Meher says your plan failed. We thought baby will sleep in it so Param can sleep with us. But okay Param can sleep in the cot and the baby can sleep with us. Param says no I will sleep with you. MEher says you have to choose Param. Param says I will sleep with mama and papa. Meher says let’s go for dinner. Param says baby? Meher says he doesn’t eat. He doesn’t have teeth. Param says can we buy them? Sarab says no he will have them when he grows up. The baby starts crying. Param says I didn’t even touch him. Why he does that.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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