Choti Sardarni 29th September 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 29th September 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 29th September 2020 Written Update

Scene 1
Meher and Sarab video call Param. He tells them that Karan is not home. Harleen says I wasn’t well, so Amrita took him. Meher says it’s okay. Harleen says are you both okay? How was everything in the court? Meher says we are going there. Harleen says take care.

Manav is running on a treadmill. He recalls his conversation with Surya. He recalls marrying Aditi. Manav recalls saying I am back Gobi de parathy. He asked Surya what is my reality please tell me. He said we just wanted a perfect family. Our kids were born but they died one after another. So pandit ji told us a solution. If we send the child away from the mother for 25 years, the child will be okay. Your mother should only know the name, not face. Nothing else. Seema and I had arguments. Then God gave us a son. I sent her away from Seema. I sent him to boarding school and sent him to America. After 25 years my Vikram had to come back. Seema was waiting, she had a heart surgery but she was waiting for him. But the moment Vikram boarded for India.. Manav recalls sleeping in Seema’s lap. Aditi turns off the treadmill and says what’s wrong with you?? You’re bleeding. What has happened to you. She gives him water and cleans his wound. Aditi holds his hand and says I won’t let you go anywhere. He says it’s okay I am fine. I had to make an urgent call. She says at least stay home for mom. She hasn’t drink a drop of water. She was fasting for you. She went to the temple barefoot. He walks out. Aditi says what’s wrong with him.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab come to the house. Meher says should we go in and speak to them? Sarab says there’s no other option. We have only 2 days. He says I will beg to Martha ji, she will forgive me. Meher says the lawyer said she’s very arrogant and rude. Sarab says we will meet her indirectly. He says see there. There’s a board that they require domestic help and babysitter.

Manav asks Seema where did you go? She says I went to the temple to pray for my son. He says why didn’t you drink water? She says because nothing is more important than my son. He hugs Seema. He recalls Surya said the moment Vikram reached India. He met an accident. He died. He says I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to tell Seema. I went to the lake crying. I saw you injured and drowning there. I got you treated and brought you home. You lost your memory. I told Seema Vikram is back. She was so happy. If you tell her now that you’re Manav not Vikram, she will die. She won’t be able to tolerate the truth. She will have a heart attack. Please be our Vikram. I beg you. Manav hugged him. He kisses Surya’s hands and says the one who brings up is bigger than the one who gives birth. I was an orphan. I cried for parents all my life. I will live this whole life for my mom Seema. He hugged Surya. Seema says get ready Vicky. He says I will if you do breakfast with me. Seema says okay what you say.

Scene 3
Param calls Vikram and asks how is my brother? He says your brother cries all the time. Param says don’t cry Karan. This is our secret chat. Param says tell me your address, I will come there. I am big brother now. Yuvi tells him the address.

Aditi and Manav come to the house. Harleen and Robbie welcome them. Harleen says aunty and uncle didn’t come? He says they will come bit late. Vikram says Sarab and Meher, where are they? Harleen says they are out of the country. Vikram says where? I mean.. It’s their sister’s pagphera and they aren’t here. Robbie says do the investigation later CBI officer ji. Let’s go. Param sneaks out of the house.

Meher and Sarab enter the house as babysitter and house help. Manav asks Aditi didn’t your brother and bhabhi tell you either where are they going? Aditi says stop the investigation. Meher says I am a babysitter. Sarab says I am domestic help. Param runs on the roads and asks people where would he find a bus for Atari. Manav gets a call. His manager says Meher and Sarab are in Serbia?

Sarab says we want this job. Meher says we will give you the best service. Martha asks you guys are Indians? Sarab says yes from Punjab. She says get the hell out of here. She says in Hindi get out. Meher says you know Hindi? Martha says get lost. Param runs on the roads and recalls saying to Meher I will take care of Karan. Manav says I am coming Meher.

Precap-Martha makes Meher and Sarab work. She shouts and misbehaves with them. Sarab says don’ worry Meher. I will save you Meher ji, and our future. Manav says you’re my future Meher. I am coming.

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