Choti Sardarni 3rd October 2020 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 3rd October 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 3rd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 3rd October 2020 Written Update

Scene 1
Sarab says to Meher what did you commit. Meher says God showed us away. I will do anything in these 24 hours to heal her. She writes some herbs and says I would need them.

Manav reaches Dubai airport and says I will be there Meher. A little girl comes and says uncle your purse. He says what’s your name. The kid says Meher. Yours? He says Manav. She says M for Manav, M for Meher. She says will you be my friend? He says Meher and Manav have always been friends. They shake hands. Her mom comes and says let’s go Meher. She says I want to stay with Manav uncle. Manav says you’ll always be my friend. SHe leaves. Aditi calls Manav. He doesn’t pick. He says Meher I will be with you in a few hours and no one would be able to part us.

Meher tries to make the paste. Sarab says you’re tired. Let me do it. Meher says I will do it. It’s okay. Sarab says you’re tired. He sees her hands are red. Sarab kisses her hands. Meher says it takes 7 hours to make this paste and we have to apply it in the sun. Sarab says we will succeed. Meher says I have to go to my Karan and Param. Sarab wipes her tears. Martha says if you’re done with the romance, do some work. Polish these shoes. Sarab says yes madam. Meher says you won’t polish these shoes. He says I do it in the temple. Meher says but that’s temple. He says it’s temple everywhere when you have belief.

Scene 2
Robbie says Meher and Sarab’s phone are still off. Harleen says it’s better. They are already worried. If they get to know all this about Param, they would be so worried. I will give them all this money and bring my Param back. Nothing is more important than Param. Aditi says Vikram’s phone was off for hours and now he’s disconnecting. Kulwant says don’t worry. I have spoken to Kishan, he’s a thug. He will teach them a lesson. Seema says don’t take Param’s name in front of him. Aditi says mom Vicky’s phone is ringing but he’s not picking. Seema says let me try. Surya says if he didn’t pick Aditi’s why would he pick yours? Seema calls Manav. He picks. Seema says where are you? He says I am in Dubai. It was an important task. Seema says there’s a big problem there. Manav says I won’t let anything happen to Param. Meher really loves that kid. Does she know? Seema says their phones are off. He says don’t worry. I will send my team.

Sarab polishes the shoes. Meher makes the paste. Karan is crying. Param is crying as well. The goon says have they informed police? Why haven’t they called yet? Manav’s inspector calls him and says this bichu is a very dangerous kidnapper. He has kidnapped and killed over 100 kids and he kills them even if he gets the money. He’s a complete psyscho. Manav says be careful. Nothing should happen to Param. He says sir if you could come. Manav says I can’t there’s something important. But get the whole team on it.

Scene 3
Meher wakes up Sarab. She says it’s 7. We have to apply the paste on Angel’s legs. Martha says you would apply the paste but how would she get the sun? There’s no sunlight in her room. Meher says we have to dry it in the sun. Sarab says if we take her out? Martha says if she wakes up she would break things and would remove the paste. They come to her room. Angel is asleep. Martha says she shouldn’t wake up. But how would she go out? Sarab and Meher hold hands and say Meher and Sarab can win any battle together.

Sarab and Meher pick Angel’s bed and take it out. Sarab holds an umbrella on her face so she doesn’t wake up. Martha says angel shouldn’t wake up be careful. Sarab says Meher ji apply with soft hands. Meher says I can’t. We have to apply it hardly. Angel moves. Sarab stands in front of her. He says I won’t let sunlight get to Angel. Meher says I really miss out kids. I haven’t spoken to them. Sarab says request Martha to give us the phone. They must be missing us a lot.

Param cries and says Karan how are are you and mama papa where are you. Amrita comes to Harleen’s place with Karan. Harleen cries and says I am so sorry Karan. I couldn’t even take care of your brother for one day. Amrita says everything will be fine. Harleen says how will I answer Meher and Sarab. I don’t know how my Param is. Robbie says I have arranged money from everywhere I could. Harleen says calculate it.

Meher says to Martha I have applied the paste. It will dry soon. I have a request. Can you give me my phone for 5 minutes? My kids are alone in the village. I really miss them. Martha says keep your focus on Angel. If she is harmed in any way because of your treatment, I will ruin your life. Complete your work and I will leave the phone here at night. Meher says but it’s 8 in the morning.

Angel is moving. Sarab says I hope she doesn’t wake up before it dries. Angel wakes up and says what the hell is this. Remove it from my legs.

Precap will be updated later.

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