Choti Sardarni Written Update 11th September 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 11th September 2020. Choti Sardarni 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 11th September 2020

Scene 1
Aditi says my mom was kicked out of this house and insulted. I will avenge her insult from Sarab and Harleen. Vikram says are you crazy? You will take revenge from Sarab and Harleen for something their grandfather did? Sarab cries while talking about Guddan. Aditi says you won’t understand. Vikram says then tell me. Aditi says what if everything is taken away from you? What would you do? I will take my revenge. Vikram says okay do what you want. What is Sarab’s fault in this? Aditi says you are talking about the fault? The CBI officer who wants to see Sarab behind the bars at all costs? Vikram says if Sarab has done the scam, no one can stop him from going to jail. If he’s innocent, I won’t even try. He loves his sister. His love for Guddi is pure. Go and tell everyone that you are their sister. Aditi recalls her moments with them. Aditi says Baba ji thank God, it wasn’t like what I thought. Harleen and Sarab didn’t forget Guddi. They are looking for her. But I can’t tell them. I will tell it to them on my wedding day. Vikram hugs her and says thank you.

Vikram and Aditi come downstairs. Sarab says you went upstairs? I am sorry if you mind something. Vikram says she got emotional.

Vikram says you have given her a lot of love. Sarab says this is my good luck that you came to my life as a sister. Sarab says we will start the wedding preps. Vikram holds Aditi’s hand and says we will get married in three days. Surya says that’s my boy. Seema says panditji let’s match their kundlis.

Scene 2
Kulwant says he survived even after that stab. Even after throwing him from the lake. Bitu says Vikram is distracting. Rana says he will find out that Manav isn’t there. Kulwant says leave it on me. Do as I say. That Manav, fake married my daughter and impregnated her. He will be punished.

Pandit ji says there’s a dark spot in Kundli. There are two marriages in Vikram’s kundli. Everyone is shocked. Seema says but that would ruin his life. Meher says two people love each other. What could be more important. Pandit says you’re her bhabhi right? If bhabhi puts her wedding chunri on the bride, their marriage will fight it off. Meher says my wedding chunri.. Sarab says it doesn’t matter to us. We can do this ritual today. Meher nods.

Meher recalls when she got married. She is upset. Meher recalls the chunri Manav gave her. Meher recalls fixing it. Meher looks at that chunri. She stitches them together. Meher is about to put it on Aditi’s head. Sarab says these are two chunris. Meher says this other chunri.. Harleen says Momsi must have designed it. Harleen says come on Meher. Meher it’s in our rituals that we keep wedding Chunri safe. So I will put the other one on Aditi and keep mine with me.

Meher tries to separate them. Sarab comes and helps her. He says this is so difficult. Meher says when someone if with you everything becomes easier. Once you find one end the other one is found easily. They separate it together. Their hands touch. Meher says hurry up. Meher says you’re cuter than Param and times. Sarab says you make me cute. They separate it together. Sarab makes Meher wear one. Meher says you are forgetting. Aditi has to wear it. Sarab says you look so beautiful. You didn’t even look this beautiful back then. Sarab kisses her forehead. He says let’s go.

Meher wears her chunri and brings the other one for Aditi. Meher says this is for you. She makes Aditi wear Manav’s Chunri. Vikram picks it and looks at it. Meher is shocked. Vikram touches the churni in shock. Surya says what happened? He says nothing. I have seen it before. Why do I feel like this fabric, cloth, design, I have seen it. Meher recalls Manav made her wear it. Seema says this design is very common.

Meher makes Adiit wear the chunri. Everyone claps. They all congratulate Aditi. Sarab hugs Aditi says all the best Vikram. Vikram says all the best to you as well. You have few days to prove your innocence. Sarab says I keep my word. Pandit ji says tomorrow would be engagement and wedding a day after. Meher looks at Vikram and recalls his reaction to the chunri,

Precap-Vikram and Aditi are getting engaged. Vikram puts his hand back while Aditi is about to make him wear the ring. He says you played a very well crafted game Sarab. You got me married to Aditi and removed me fro your case. Sarab says what are you saying? Vikram says why did you remove me from your case? Meher says stay in your limits.

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