Choti Sardarni Written Update 19th September 2020

Choti Sardarni 19th September 2020 Written Update. Choti Sardarni 19th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni 19th September 2020 Written Update

Scene 1
Ginni asks what is that scar on Vikram’s back? Kulwant says it was a stab. Vikram says what did you say? Aditi says we met because of this scar. He was shot and he came to the hospital. That’s where we met. Kulwant says who shot? Vikram says you. Aditi says h’es joking. A criminal.

Seema says to Vikram, you emotional? He says can’t officers be emotional. Surya says your love for each other makes me live. Seema wipes her tears.

Param says mama, uncle came. He is asking for your sign. Harleen says sign on what? Sarab says we have an account. Param reads Serbia on the paper. meher says my smart son. Sarab says not yet. Smart kids are independent. They stay well if parents have to go somewhere and they take care of their siblings. Param says I don’t want to be smart and don’t want to live without mama papa. Meher says mama papa don’t always live together. Sarab says would you live if parents have to go to market? Would Param live? Param says yes. meher says if it take 7 days. Param says I will. Sarab says what if it takes 2 days. Param says I need mama papa with me while sleeping. Karan will cry as well. We will be sad. Sarab says don’t worry Meher.

Scene 2
Everyone dances at the haldi. Meher is about to fall. Sarab holds her. Meher says I fell because of you. Sarab says if I weren’t in your life who would you blame everything on? Meher says I can’t imagine my life without you.

Vikram and his family come. They give meher mehndi. Vikram says to Kulwant, Manav will be here by morning. He said he wants to talk to you first. Kulwant is worried. Meher applies mehndi on Aditi’s hands.

Vikram gets a call and says yes scam case is solved but once case leads to another. Don’t worry I will resolve the other one. He asks Kulwant you look worried. Sarab comes and says Mr Dewan jokes all the time.

Pram says Meher bua apply mehndi in your hands. Amrita says haldi, now Mehndi. Let me apply it in your hands. Kulwant applies mehndi in her hands. Amrita says should I write Sarab’s name? meher nods. She shows her mehndi to Sarab. Seema says time for game. Param says hide and seek? She says no chunri wala game. He asks Kulwant do you know about it? Vikram says Kulwant knows all the games. Seema says all husbands will find their wives under the chunri and make them wear necklace.

All girls sit under chunri. Guys have their eyes blindfolded. Rana goes first. Vikram says all the best. Sarab says all the best mr. Dewan. He says I will find my love. People need all the best when there’s a chance of losing.

Precap-Vikram is taking the rounds. He recalls everything. He reaclls marrying Meher and getting stabbed. He says I am back gobi de parathy. No one can come between us.

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