Choti Sardarni Written Update 1st September 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 1st September 2020. Choti Sardarni 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 1st September 2020

Scene 1
Meher says call the police. Sarab says I can’t do that. Meher says he stole a card from our house. Sarab says there are many things in politics. Meher says okay then stay with your politics. Sarab says listen.. Param says to Karan, Meher mama and papa fought. Why are you smiling?

Scene 2
Kulwant says he’s here to dig secrets. He won’t leave us. Listen to me. Bitu says give me a paratha. Rana says two to me. Kulwant slaps them and says you will both be jailed. He will investigate you two. You two will only talk in my presence. Amrita comes with Parathas. Bitu says don’t feel like eating anymore. Kulwant says call Jagga and says we need him here. Amrita says why? Kulwant says do what I asked.

Scene 3
Meher and Param sleep with backs against each other. Param says I have to unite them. He touches both of them and pretends to sleep. Meher and Sarab look at each other. Sarab says what? Meher says what? He says you tapped me. Meher says you tapped me. Sarab says I thought about this. But police complaint won’t do anything. Meher says you’re right. Let’s invite Vikram to our place and tell him go steal more. Gill sahab forgives everyone. Sarab says it’s useless to talk to you. Param does a facepalm.

Scene 4
Vikram asks all constables to look for Manav’s file. He says I want that file. DSP said he wrote it himself. The constables say the file is missing. One says I remember Sarab asked the DSP to write that file.

Meher says Karan, never say when you grow up I will handle everything. I have experience. You can’t always be right. Sarab leaves. Meher says see your papa is so rude. Karan cries. Param says I am hungry. Meher says let’s make paratha for Param and then milk for Karan. Param says no mama, give milk to Karan first. Meher says but you’re hungry. Param says no, he’s small. I am BigB. Bring his milk first.

Vikram calls Sarab. Sarab says yes? Vikram says I need your time. Sarab says for what? Vikram says a new case opened. A few months back you reported a young guy missing in Atari police stations. Sarab says who? Vikram says, Manav Sharma. Sarab recalls Sharma came crying to him. Sarab says I know him. Police weren’t reporting his case. He was missing. Vikram says how did you know him? Sarab says Manav was my friend. He went missing. Meher hears this. She’s shocked. Vikram says, a close friend? Sarab says no, I only met him once. He was very intelligent. We wanted to be an IPS officer as well. Don’t know where he went. I filed a complaint but couldn’t find him. Why? Do you see a scam in this as well? Manav says not at the moment but who has seen the future? I will annoy you if I need to investigate further. Sarab says that’s your hobby. Remember that I hate scammers. Now attack from the front not back. He says I am loyal. Sarab says you couldn’t win anyway. I cooperated with everything. I didn’t even take action against you for theft. You have some personal animosity against me. Vikram says there’s nothing personal between us. I apologized for what happened but it was my duty.

Meher says Sarab ji.. Sarab says relax. It was Vikram. He can’t do what he wants now. I know you don’t like me talking to him. Meher says no, I wanted to ask about something else. You Man.. Param comes and says are you two still fighting? Sarab says I don’t like fighting with you. Sarab says when Sarab and Meher are together, Meher is silent. She recalls Sarab saying Manav was my friend. Param says mama say it. Meher says we will win anything together.

Scene 5
The constable says should we investigate Kulwant and her sons? Vikram says no don’t do that. Send food from Sharma’s dhaba to Kulwant’s place. Write ‘from Manav’ and your number. She will call on that number and say something that can get her in trouble.

Harleen says it’s your papa’s favorite day tomorrow. Param says what is it? Sarab says let’s ask mama. Meher says it’s Haryali teej. Param says what’s that? Meher says we celebrate it in monsoon. Harleen says it’s dedicated to the all the women. Meher says sisters meet their brothers. Sarab says and brothers give them gifts. Harleen says we are celebrating after so long but with all the SOPs. All your buas will come. Sarab says Aditi is also Param’s bua. If you forgave her please invite her too.

Scene 6
Bitu opens the door. A man gives them food and says your food. Bitu says Rana, your wife ordered this? Rana says no he’s asleep. They read a chit from Sharma Dhaba. Tell me if you liked the food, Manav. And a number. They are shocked. Kulwant comes. She reads it. Rana says someone is scaring us with Rana’s name. Kulwant says this is all Manav’s game. He wants to torture us. Rana says let’s call. Meher says he wants us to call and say something that can get us caught. He wrote this letter. And my Meher is thinking Manav is Vikram.

Kulwant calls Meher. She says I know you’re mad at me. You haven’t forgotten what I did. But you’re what you are is because of me. Meher says I don’t want to talk. People are made when there’s a relationship of heart. There’s no relation between us. We pretend to be normal in front of each other. But we both know our relationship is dead. Kulwant says you will know what a mother is now. I always pray that you and your kids stay united. It really hurts when you don’t talk to me. But when I see you happy with your family, it makes me happy. I called.. Meher says I also had to call for a formality. It’s Teej tomorrow. Sarab has invited you all. Kulwant says even if you don’t consider me your mom anymore. I will protect you all costs. I called to save you and your family from danger. Vikram Dewan is Manav. He sent.. Meher says come tomorrow. She hangs up. Kulwant says we will talk straightforwardly now.

Vikram’s doorbell rings. He opens it. It’s Kulwant.

No precap.

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