Choti Sardarni Written Update 24th August 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 24th August 2020. Choti Sardarni 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 24th August 2020

Scene 1
Aditi says it’s okay. Just one chance. Param calls, Meher says sorry my son is calling. Meher says Param you didn’t sleep? Param says Karan was crying. He was hungry. Meher says where is Lalita? Param says don’t know but Harleen bua gave him milk. Meher says really? Param says yes. Harleen bua changed her diaper too. When will you come? Meher says I will come soon. Sarab puts a hand on her shoulder. Meher gets scared. Sarab says was he asking when will we come? Meher says yes.

Everyone is at the dinner table. Vikram says have Shahi Paneer? Sarab says it’s my favorite. My mom used cream in it. What did you use? He says I didn’t make it. Sarab says but Aditi says you made it all. Aditi says he can’t cook. He has only been trying making custard. He can’t make Shahi Paneer. Meher recalls Manav said the man who can’t make Shahi Paneer can’t do anything. Vikram eats from the left hand. Meher says Manav used to eat from the right hand. Meher coughs. Sarab gives her water. Aditi says thank you for making my day special. We apologize for what happened. Sarab says tell me more about the drama show. Aditi says there are four teams. All money is given to charity. We wanted if you could come with us. Sarab says I will donate whatever is required but we can’t come there. Vikram says if you come it will get us a lot of donations. I wrote the story myself. There are two boys and one girl. She loves one but marries other. Do you wanna listen to the whole story? Sarab says we should leave. Our kids wake up in the middle of the night. They would be worried. Sarab says Aditi your gift is due on us. Aditi gets a text from Vikram I need to go to their house for investigation. Aditi says can I ask for something right now? Sarab says of course. Aditi says please participate in this play. We want to collect maximum donations. It’s a simple story of two kings, one is Vikram others could be you and Meher would be queen. Sarab says I am ready but Meher isn’t comfortable about it. So leave her out of all this. They leave.

Aditi says my second birthday in a year is celebrated. Aditi says I noticed, Sarab is so sensitive about Meher. He recognizes her breaths. Vikram says now she will recognize my breaths. Aditi says he? He says two things are confirmed. I look exactly like Manav. And someone was stabbed in the back. Where did he go all of a sudden? Aditi says but you were after Sarab. Why are you so interested in Manav? He says with one secret come a lot of other secrets. I want to make an entry to that house.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab enter the house. Harleen is sleeping on the bed with Param and Karan. Sarab says kids melt all the hearts. I told you Harleen would melt one day. Harleen wakes up and says when did you come? Sarba says it’s you okay sleep. We will sleep in another room. Harleen says no it’s fine. How was dinner? Did something happen there? I was so worried. Sarab says it was Aditi’s birthday. Everything was fine. Harleen says Meher how did you find that Vikram Dewan? Was it a genuine party or a part of his investigation? Sarab says we are very tired. Let’s sleep.

Scene 3
Rana packs his bags. Ginni says where are you going? Kulwant says to get another wife. You keep eating pizzas here and get fat. Ginni says I am glad. Go, I will sleep alone. Shut the door while leaving. Amrita says where are you going at this hour? Kulwant says we are going for something important to Dehli. Amrita says go in the morning why this hour? Kulwant says what are you my mom? We need to be there by the morning. Kulwant says I will stay two steps ahead.

Scene 4
Manav cleans his face from the towel and sees Kajal on it. He shows it to Aditi and says this means Meher cried when she saw a knife in my back. She had tears and memories. Vikram says I am connecting all the dots. I can’t wait to look into that house for proof.

Meher comes to her room and sees a card there in the closet. It’s an international account’s card. Meher says you have an international account as well? He says I keep things that are important there. H says I know you are upset about what happened at Aditi’s house. Please forget it like a bad joke. Meher hugs him. She recalls seeing Manav. Sarab says is anything troubling you? Meher says I.. Karan cries.

Sarab goes to him. Sarab says you wake up at 3 am every day. How punctual. Want to loo? Come with me. He says Karan is so wise. He’s such a responsible family man. He will keep us all together always. Meher says so you’re saying he will be like you exactly? Sarab says Karan, why doesn’t your mama appreciate directly? Meher says I will today. You are the one for me after God. You listen to me without me saying. You are shade to me before sunlight reaches to me. You support me before I fall. I can never find a brave and honest person like you. I pray that both my kids are like you when they grow up. Karan won the fight in my womb because of you only. I want Karan to be like you only. I have felt safe at three places only. In the temple, in my dad’s lap and with you. Sarab looks at Meher. Meher wipes his tear.

Precap-Meher will confess her love to Sarab. The house catches fire. Both Sarab and Vikram run to save Meher and Karan but Karan is lost inside. Meher screams his name.

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