Choti Sardarni Written Update 31th August 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 29th August 2020. Choti Sardarni 29th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 29th August 2020

Scene 1
MEher says Sarab is everything okay? Sarab logs in and says someone hacked my account. He sees the footage and Vikram is there. Meher says how is he in Dubai? How did he get the card? Vikram says your game is over Sarab. Alarm starts blaring around Vikram. He looks around. Meher says what’s in this locker. Sarab is silent.

Cops surround Vikram. He says officers relax. They ask him to show ID card. He says I am not a fraud. I am a CBI officer form India. Please put your guns down. Here’s my ID.

Robbie asks Harleen what are you doing? She says trying to look for my sister. Sarab is very busy. I have to find Guddi. Harleen says I will find her wherever she is. Close or far.

Aditi says Param come here. She writes a letter and says give it to your mummy papa. He says okay. Aditi says bye and leaves. Officers in Dubai call Sarab. They give the phone to Vikram. Sarab says looks like you got wings and made it to Dubai so fast. You thought you would take our things from here and we won’t know? Vikram says I.. Sarab says you did a favor on me by saving my son’s life. You could ask me for this locker. Vikram looks in the camera. He smiles and says you don’t get things by getting anything. You have to investigate the thief silently. Sarab says theft? We will now know I never did anything wrong. I never did a sin. Meher looks at Sarab. Sarab unlocks his locker online. Sarab says the locker is open. It has most important things of my life. You can check it with all your heart.

Vikram opens the locker. He takes out a red cloth. Some bangles are wrapped in it. Those are the bangles Meher gave to Sarab when they were in Serbia Sarab gave Meher his chain. Meher recalls those moments. Sarab says nothing is more precious than you to me. Vikram drops the bangles. Sarab shouts Vikram.. Stop. Meher and Sarab are shocked. Meher is in tears. Vikram picks them and wraps them again. He says I am really very sorry. He locks it again.

Meher sits down and cries. Sarab says please don’t cry. He locked it again. Everything is fine. Meher says you kept it safe? Sarab says how couldn’t I? Those were your last symbol for me. That day was so difficult. I died every moment that night. I didn’t know how will I live without you. Meher says me too. Meher says I felt the same that day. I felt like my blood is being taken away from. Like fate took everything from me again. I wanted to stop you. Sarab says I also wanted to stop you. Meher says why didn’t you? He says I made you a promise. Meher says you could break it. Sarab says I would have if you told me. Meher says you can’t say things all the time. Sarab says our relationship isn’t weak that a Vikram Dewan can shatter it. We have kept it strong. Meher says this isn’t right what happened. These people used your innocence. She recalls asking Aditi for Sarab’s phone. Meher says Aditi is involved in all this. She gave your OTP to him from your phone. But why did she do that? She has to answer.

Scene 2
Meher comes to Param’s room and looks for Aditi. Param says she left and gave this letter for you.

Aditi says I won their trust, everything is gone now. In Vikram’s mission, my revenge is ruined. He must have landed by now. I hope he found something in the locker. Vikram calls her. Aditi says what did you find in the locker? He says nothing. Only had Meher’s bangles. Aditi says are you serious? He says yes the entire plan failed. Sarab also got to know that I went there. He must have known we made this plan together. Aditi says because of you my.. He says your what? Aditi says I am a doctor, I have reputation. He says don’t worry. They won’t do anything. You have done favors on them. Just hope that this case isn’t taken back from me. There’s much left in this story.

Meher reads I am sorry. Sarab says she said sorry. Meher says she did it and then said sorry. Sarab says get in her shoes. Vikram is her fiance. He must have pressurized her. Sarab says he won’t have said sorry. Maybe she wanted Vikram to find nothind and then this case to end. Meher says no. He can’t do it alone. From dinner to everything this looks like a plan. Aditi was involved. But why? We considered her family;. Sarab says so did she. She did so much for us. She saved you and Karan. She’s my sister. Vikram must have pressurized her. Meher says what Vikram did is wrong. Sarab says he was doing his duty. Meher says his way wasn’t right. Meher says we will complain in the police. Sarab says no, that won’t do anything. Vikram is a different man. We have to answer him in his way. Meher says as in?

Precap-Vikram calls Sarab and says good morning. I needed your time. A new case’s investigation is being opened. Sarab says what? Vikram says a few months back you reported a young man being mission from Atari. Sarab says who are you talking about? Vikram says Manav Sharma. Sarab says yes I know him. Vikram says who was he to you? Sarab says Manav was my friend. He went missing somewhere suddenly. Meher comes there and listens this. She’s shocked.

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