Choti Sardarni Written Update 3rd September 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 3rd September 2020. Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 3rd September 2020

Scene 1
Param asks Meher you have three brothers. Who will swing you? She recalls how her brothers used to fight over it. She used to select Jagga always because he was always her favorite and never fought with her. Meher says veer ji please come. Jagga comes there and says how did you think I wouldn’t come? This festival is for brothers to show respect to their sisters. Sarab says what happened? Meher says Jagga veer jee. Sarab says he’s not here. You’re imagining. Meher is in tears. Jagga hugs her and says I am here for real. Meher hugs him and cries. Jagga asks Amrita how are you? She says I won’t talk to you. Jagga says don’t be mad. He says let’s go meet Karan.

Vikram comes outside the house. Aditi says how can you come here? I asked you not to come. How will you face them? He says when I joined CBI I left all respect everything behind. Anything can stop but investigation. Meher says you have no right to investigate in our house without a warrant. Aditi says please go. Vikram says hello Meher ji, how are you? What if I am not Vikram Dewan but Vicky. Aditi’s fiance and your BIL. Meher says you aren’t her husband yet. Come when you are. Vikram says hello Mr. Gill. Sarab says what are you going here? He says Aditi told me she’s invited here. So I came to be with her. I will go. Sarab says we don’t stop anyone on festival day. He asks servant to take him to the hall. Sarab says don’t worry. We even welcome our enemies on the festivals.

Scene 2
Vikram meets Param. He says you look handsome. Vikram says Karan is crying. They both go inside. Param says don’t cry Karan. Uncle Vicky is here. Vikram picks Karan and says don’t cry. You’re a good baby. Param says only mama and papa can calm him. Karan stops crying. Param says wow, he listened to you. Param says who are you going to swing today? Vikram says your uncles. Bitu and Rana run and hide.

The festival starts. Meher and Sarab give everyone sweets. Sarab says why aren’t you smiling. She says Vikram Dewan is here. How can I smile? Everyone dances and celebrates. Rana asks Bitu to call Kulwant. HE asks where are you? Bitu says please come fast. Vikram Dewan is here. Robbie says what are you two doing here? Let’s go and enjoy the function.

Jagga swings Meher. Her chunri falls on Sarab. Their theme song plays. Sarab makes her wear it. Vikram sees Jagga and says time to meet you now. Jagga recalls he met Manav and gave him a job to deliver. Jagga comes to him and says wow, you progressed. Dhaba to here? And this suit. Are you cater here? Vikram says Jagga ji. Vikram says I am not a cater. Let’s talk. Meher says this sis Vikram Dewan, CBI officer. He’s investigating Sarab for the fake accusation.

Precap-Meher and Sarab do a romantic dance. Kulwant comes and is shocked to see Vikram. Meher gives keys to Vikram and says investigate all you want but don’t annoying my family.

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