Choti Sardarni Written Update 5th September 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 5th September 2020. Choti Sardarni 5th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 5th September 2020

Scene 1
Jagga says Vikram Dewan looks like Manav? Was the guy who came to me for work was Manav? Amrita says he also wanted to be CBI officer. Jagga says so Manav is alive? Meher says no he looks like Manav. He isn’t like him at all. Amrita says I hope he isn’t. I can’t see you in anymore trouble. Jagga says I am with you Meher. Meher says my heart is sinking all the time since he’s here. I got to know that Sarab met Manav once. Amrita says oh God, I thought he.. Meher says he will know today. Jagga says are you crazy? Meher says I want to tell him everything. Jagga says you told him everything. Amrita says on first wedding night and owned you. Meher says what if someone else tells him? Jagga says who would. It’s all settled. Don’t ruin it. Don’t dig the wounds that have healed. You won’t tell him anything. Amrita says he is right. Meher says okay.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana see Vikram. Vikram says where are you going? Rana says this is my sister’s house. Your concern? Vikram says if I tell you the concern you would be able to say anything else. What amount did you mummy ji pay to Manav to stay silent? Meher says Mr. Dewan, now when you’re here. Here are the keys do all the instigation you want in 2 hours but after that you won’t enter this house. You wanted this right? Go, find it. Sarab is so great that he even let you open his locker. But remember I am not as great as him. He always cooperated with you and you back stabbed. He says who knows about someone’s back being stabbed more than you. Meher recalls Manav’s death. She is silent. Meher says you must be thinking that Vikram Dewan is shameless, but my job is beyond emotions. You will take time to understand. The truth prevails. Meher says it does. She leaves.

Scene 3
Kulwant, Harleen and everyone dance. Param says mama come Sarab dances and enjoys with everyone. Param dances in the center. Meher is lost. Sarab holds Meher’s hand and dances with her on their theme song. Sarab picks Meher. Bitu and Rana dance in front of Vikram. Aditi tries to stop Vikram but he leaves.

Sarab kisses Param. Param says such hugs? Sarab says I am having extra love on you. Param says mama come, papa will kiss you as well. Everyone laughs. The girls say Meher, go. Get the kiss.

Vikram comes to the room and says clap. Bitu and Rana clap. Vikram says stop. He says I met your mom, she said Manav came to your place to ask for money. They say correct. Vikram asks for their phones. He says look at the wall. They both stand with the wall. Kulwant peeks in. Vikram says what amount did your pay Manav? Kulwant tries to call Rana and Bitu. She says outside. Kulwant Kaur gives loan without any interest till 2 crores. She leaves. Vikram says play your games.

Sarab says we have Dr. Aditi here. I can pick Meher today. If my back hurts while picking something heavy we have her here. Meher says no. I lost weight. Sarab picks Meher. They look at each other.

Kulwant says to Vikram Manav ji, you here? Wonderful. What happened? Why are you silent. Bitu says he’s Vikram. Kulwant says I forgot. Virkam says you are very clever. Kulwant says so are you. He says is that my praise? Kulwant says no, insult. We know how to bring people on line. Kulwant says even God can’t do that. Vikram says you told me a story. Kulwant says watch out before you become one.

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