Choti Sardarni Written Update 7th September 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 7th September 2020. Choti Sardarni 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 7th September 2020

Scene 1
Param says papa, what are you watching? He says Karan is sleeping. Sarab looks at the footage of the event and recalls Meher said something is wrong between Vikram and Aditi. Param says Harleen bua is your sister. Meher mama is Jagga, Bitu, and Rana uncle’s sister. Why don’t I have a sister? You got me a small brother but I want a sister too. Sarab laughs. Sarab says who gave you chotu brother? He says Meher mama. Sarab says then who would give you a small sister? Param says, mama. Param says to Meher, Meher mama I need a small sister. Sarab says it’s not that easy. Param says you prayed and Baba ji gave Karan in Meher mama’s tummy. Harleen says Param is right actually. You should listen. Param says I need a small sister. Meher says you have Khushi di. He says Khushi di is always at her grandmom’s place. Meher says go play. We have to talk to papa. Harleen says Sarab, Vikram Dewan won’t come to this house. Neither as a guest nor as Aditi’s fiance.

Kulwant says on the way, I have never seen tyre bursting on its own. A ghost was after me, once I went to a tantrik. I taught him a lesson. I am stronger than him. Vikram says there was a churail in my case and I taught her a lesson. I gave her lifetime imprisonment, I locked her in a bottle. They drive past the lake. Vikram says what a beautiful lake it must be deep. Kulwant says you can jump and check. Vikram says feels like you are planning on shoving me here. Kulwant recalls shoving Manav in it. Vikram silently places something in Kulwant’s bag. He says drop me here. Jagga says but Civil lines is ahead. He says I am fine. I have some work here. Vikram sits in the car with his office and says open recording.

I kept a phone in her bag. Sarab says I called Aditi my sister. I will get her married to Vikram if she likes him. Meher says but I told you. Sarab says I also observed but there are ups and downs in all couples. Meher says what if he is using her? Sarab says we have to find out if he’s serious. I will have to talk to him face to face. I will ask him. We will invite him. I need support from both of you. They both hold his hand.

Kulwant comes home and says close the door. I want to talk about Manav’s mom. Vikram asks his man to connect if fast.
Harleen says I am always with you. They start listening. Vikram says I know everything. He was asking me about the lake’s depth. Rana says what if he wanted to swim? Kulwant says no, he knows that night.. Yuvi comes in. Kulwant says you came from nani’s place? Yuvi says what did Meher send me to eat? Kulwant says we are talking. She gives him the bag and says check yourself. Vikram can’t hear anymore because Yuvi took the recorder out.

Harleen says you are inviting him but if he tries to be smart, we won’t leave him. Sarab says don’t. If I find out he’s using Aditi, I won’t leave him. Meher says he’s CBI officer. Sarab says I know how to make him say the truth. Harleen says tell us the plan. Sarab says we will make him drink. People say the truth when they are drunk. Meher says so he will come here and drink alone? Sarab says no I will drink with him. As Aditi’s brother, I have to know if he is right for her. Harleen says are you crazy? Meher says what? Sarab says you know I hate it. I will drink, but I will drink apple juice. He won’t know. Meher says wow as if he won’t find out? Harleen says it’s totally rubbish. Sarab says it will work. Meher says what about your acting? Harleen says can’t rely on your acting. Meher says we will do something. Harleen says all the best.

Yuvi sings a song. Vikram says where did this kid come from?

Scene 2
Meher says Sarab, come eat. She asks Param did you see papa? Param says I saw everywhere. He’s nowhere. Meher says did he mind making fun of his acting? Sarab shouts villagers.. They all rush to the room. Harleen says what are you doing? He acts drunk. He says I will jump from this cliff-like Romeo did. Meher says he’s trying to act. Harleen says why are you up? He says because it’s a tragic story. He says this Pato, Param says that’s Meher mama. Sarab says I am married to Pato but I don’t know if she even loves me. Harleen says say right dialogues at least. Sarab says if she loves me, she will smile. Meher looks at him and smiles.

Precap-Sarab and Vikram do fistfight. Meher says when Sarab and Meher are together, they can do anything. Sarab says your first love Vikram? Vikram says don’t know about Aditi but my first love was someone else. I still love her more than Aditi. Meher is silent.

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