Choti Sardarni Written Update 8th August 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 8th August 2020. Choti Sardarni 8th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates

Scene 1
Amrita says thank God mummy ji is getting better. She says we can’t meet her right now. The doctor said only two people can stay here. You all go home. Meher and I here. Harleen asks Robbie to delete the post about Kulwant’s death. Harleen says I hope everything is fine in the press conference. Sarab says to his man how can you not find that file? It’s very important for the press conference. Call Tarkash. His man says I looked everywhere. I can’t find it. Tarkash’s phone is off. He left due to a family emergency. Should I postpone the press conference? Sarab says no.

Meher is in Kulwant’s room. Kulwant says Manav is back. Manav is here. Manav.. Meher says nothing has happened everything is fine. Kulwant says he’s back. Meher is confused about why is she saying that. Kulwant says baba ji was right. I will get my punishment. Aditi comes in and says who is Manav Meher? Meher says you here? Aditi says I am visiting faculty here. I met Harleen outside. She told me about your mom so I came to see her. The other doctor says she has been taking the name of some Manav. Who is he? Aditi says patients say that in shock. Could be that case. Meher opens her social media and sees news of Kulwant’s death everywhere. She says people will think he leaked this rumor to get sympathies.

Scene 2
The press conference starts. The reporter asks where were you since morning? People have been asking. Sarab says people who accused me shouldn’t be worried about that. Another reporter says people of Punjab love you. Don’t you think with this case, your image is tainted.

Karan is crying. Param calls Sarab but he doesn’t pick. Param says don’t cry. I will sing you a lullaby, Param sings him twinkle twinkle little star. Karan stops crying. Another reporter says CBI officer Vikram Deewan has a track record of 100% correct probe. Why would he accuse who wrongfully? Sarab says I wish he maintained his record but he can’t. Sarab says I have a file that will prove my innocence.

Vikram says I will clear everything. Connect me to this live conference. Another reporter says your BIL posted that your MIL Kulwant died. Then he removed that post. Is that to get the sympathies. Sarab is shocked. He says that was a misunderstanding. Another says so why didn’t you clarify? To get sympathies from the public? Meher says I hope Sarab sees his phone. They ask Sarab. Another reporter says was it a drama? Sarab checks his phone. Meher has texted that she has gotten notice updated on the official website that news of Kulwant’s death was fake and she met an accident. Sarab says I want you all to check the official website of our party. The notice already updated there. He shows them the notice. Sarab says any more questions?

A voice says if you permit, I want to ask something. Sarab says who’s this? Virkam says Vikram Deewan. His video isn’t connecting. Meher says who is this Vikram Deewan. Why is he after Sarab. Vikram’s connection isn’t working. Meher gets a call. It’s Param. He says why weren’t you picking my call? I called so many times. Meher says sorry. I was busy. Param says Karan was crying. I sang him a lullaby and I made him sleep. We played as well. Meher says thank you. As long has he has his big brother. I don’t have any worry.

Vikram’s man says your video isn’t connecting but they can connect you. Sarab says I can’t see you. Vikram says it’s better that you don’t see your bad time. He says don’t tell people great words. Show them the proof as well that you’re innocent. Sarab says I will make everything related to this deal public. I have all the invoices. Vikram says so you have nothing with you today? The reporters ask when will you show all the proofs? Sarab says tomorrow morning. Meher is on call with Param so she didn’t hear anything.

Scene 3
Meher sees the news. The reporter says Sarab mentioned he will show all the proofs by 11am in the morning. Sarab calls Tarakash but phone is off. He calls the other manager and says please find that file. He says we don’t have that file in the office. We need to collect and compile all the documents. It will take two days. Sarab says no I want them by tomorrow morning. Send me all the documents at my place. I have to get them ready by tomorrow. Meher calls Sarab and asks why didn’t you show the proofs today? He says I will have to compile the file. Sarab says thank you for uploading the notice. Meher says we can handle everything together. Meher says Param is alone at home. Harleen had to go somewhere as well. Meher says I can’t come. Can you handle Karan and Param? Sarab says don’t worry. I will handle them. Sarab looks at the time and says I have only 17 hours.

Scene 4
Sarab comes home and says Param? Karan? Param is sitting in the hall. He has his finger on the lips. Sarab says won’t you talk to me? he says no. Meher mama asked me not to tell you. He says tell what? Param says what she told me but that I don’t have to tell you. Sarab says but what did you say? Param tells him that he wanted to eat homemade pizza and smoothie. And his homework isn’t done as well. Meher said I won’t be able to come home on time. She said chef uncle will make pizza for you. Don’t worry about Karan, Lalita will take care of him. Param said I will ask papa to make him do homework. Meher said papa is very busy. He creates a mess. Param said but you don’t. Meher says mom as experts. Dads aren’t. Param says you can’t do it like mama. She will show you a thumb. Sarab imagines Meher laughing at him. Sarab says see how I do it. Param says no chance. I will have to ask chef uncle for the pizza and I will have to do the homework on my own and I will have to change Karan’s diaper as well. Sarab gives off to all the staff. He says I will do it all and show that east or west, dads are the.. Param says do it first.

Sarab looks for the pizza recipe on the internet. He cuts the vegetables. Sarab plays with Karan in between. Sarab makes cuts onion. Param says papa are you crying? He laughs. Param says papa is crying. Sarab says no.

Meher says okay I will get more of these medications. I will take X-ray reports. Please inform the doctor. Kulwant says water. Meher goes to get water. Kulwant looks outside the window. Vikram is talking to a ward boy. Kulwant is scared. She recalls what he said on the TV. Kulwant recalls stabbing him.

Precap-Kulwant sees Manav behind Meher. She says Meher and Manav together? Kulwant throws water on Meher’s face and says it’s a plan by both of you to kill me. Meher is shocked.

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