Choti Sardarni Written Update 8th September 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 8th September 2020. Choti Sardarni 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate

Choti Sardarni Written Update 8th September 2020

Scene 1
Param video calls Yuvi and says see my papa’s acting. Everyone laughs.
Kulwant says this Manav.. Yuvi comes there and says dadi see this. Sarab is acting. Kulwant says what happened to him. Sarab says I love Pato ji. Do you love me Pato ji? I will only count till 3.. Harleen says say yes Meher, please. Meher says yes. Sarab says balay.. Pato loves me. Harleen says very good acting now come downstairs. Sarab says I am coming to you Pato. He falls on Meher. Sarab says how did you like my acting? Meher says I was scared, but I know with this acting your plan will work. I will invite Aditi. Sarab says why aren’t you getting up? Meher says because you’re on top of me. Harleen says come dinner is ready.

Scene 2
Aditi tells Vikram Meher invited us over dinner. He says there’s something. Why would she invite me? Yuvi speaks in the phone. Aditi says what’s the noise in your phone? He says nothing.

Kulwant sees the microphone and says what is this? He says found it in your bag. Kulwant recalls Vikram sat next to her. Kulwant says that’s why he set in my car. Is it a bomb? Kulwant screams bomb. Jagga says what happened? Yuvi says this is a toy. Kulwant says Manav put it in my bag. Jagga says this isn’t a bomb. Jagga says no one will touch it. I am keeping it in my drawer. A neighbor tells them it’s a microphone. Kulwant says he did this so he can listen in our house. He is Manav. Jagga says he isn’t Manav. He’s a CBI officer. Meher must have recognized him. He is doing his investigation. Just stay careful. Jagga leaves. Kulwant says if that’s a microphone, he will listen to what I want him to.

Scene 3
Sarab says I will find out what’s in his heart. Meher says I have added a microphone as well. Sarab says I will also find out what’s in your heart. Meher says what would I have? He says as in who is closest to you. Meher says Param, Karan, and Yuvi. Sarab says no one else? Meher says let’s do the rehearsals. Sarab and Meher do the rehearsal. Sarab says Vikram what have you thought about the wedding? Meher says I haven’t decided yet. Meher says don’t stutter in just one word. Jagga keeps saying the same thing. I love you, you’re my daughter. Now say it. Sarab says I.. Param says Aditi and Vikram are here.

Kulwant says in microphone, what? Did they found about Manav? Meher welcomes them. Is he working at a dhaba in Banaras? Give me his number. She says Bitu, Rana Manav called someone. Once I find his number I will give it to Vikram Dewan. Bitu says he was taking money from us. Once we complain to Vikram, he will arrest Manav. Aditi says a sudden dinner plan? Aditi says Vikram let’s go in.

Aditi says he’s always busy in work. Sarab says no more work. Meher says and no investigation today. He says I think Meher is mad at me. This sudden dinner? Meher says Aditi, we considered you family. Sarab says yes so we thought let’s have a good time. Aditi says thank you for considering me, family.

Kulwant says he must have lost his memory. Even if Meher doesn’t recognize him, he is Manav. Sarab opens the bottles. He recalls the one Meher added apple juice in. Sarab says I will know what’s in his heart.
Preacp-Sarab says love is so strong. Your first love? Vikram says don’t know about Aditi, but my first love was someone else. I still love her more than Aditi. Meher is nervous.

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